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Ceramic Tube - One End Closed

Ceramic Tube - One End Closed

Thermocouple assembly is used for measuring unknown temperature of bodies in this case industrial furnaces or Industrial Ovens. Thermocouple consists of 2 different types of metals joined to form 2 junctions. One junction is exposed to heat of the furnace with help of Ceramic one end closed tube and other junction is connected to the sensor where temperatures are calculated.

Ceramic One end closed tube holds the junction of the thermocouple which is exposed to high temperature and also acts as insulator between thermocouple and furnace body. These Thermocouple tubes are made up of good quality raw material having high alumina content enable it to work at very high temperature. These ceramic tube have high thermal conductivity hence helping in more accurate results of Thermocouple.

Size :
We manufacture Tubes of 12mm Outer Diameter to 30mm outer diameter till 600mm long in length. Special sizes can be made as per requirement.

Features of Ceramic Tube One end closed :
  High Temperature Resistant
  Thermal Shock Resistant
  Good Thermal Conductivity
  Corrosion resistant
  Straightness & Dimensional accuracy.

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